Saturday, January 31, 2015

AU Local Contest #9 ranklist

Year I ranklist

RankOverall RankNameCollegeProblems Solved
195Duruva.S.S.K.GCEG, Chennai1
2101Prabhakaran SenthilnathanCEG, Chennai1
3113Ashwin AmbalCEG, Chennai0

Year II ranklist

RankOverall RankNameCollegeProblems Solved
123Muthu Nagappan. MCEG, Chennai3
224arun arMIT, Chennai3
325HemachandarMIT, Chennai3
426lavanya ksMIT, Chennai3
527Manioz3544MIT, Chennai3
628Yuvanesh NCEG, Chennai3
730Bharath Bhargav G BCEG, Chennai3
831Alkondan CMIT, Chennai3
932venkatesh_sMIT, Chennai3
1035R KishoreCEG, Chennai3
1136jayasurya jMIT, Chennai3
1237mohitMIT, Chennai3
1338Sankaranarayanan GCEG, Chennai3
1439Boopesh TMMIT, Chennai3
1541PavitrakumarCEG, Chennai3
1646K.C.KrithikaMIT, Chennai3
1750Sri Harshal PCEG, Chennai3
1851HemanthMIT, Chennai3
1958karthik .mMIT, Chennai2
2060Karthick RMIT, Chennai2
2162M.PasupathiCEG, Chennai2
2266gayathri sMIT, Chennai2
2367Ajith Kumar KCEG, Chennai2
2470Sharmila SMIT, Chennai2
2576S. MahalakshmiMIT, Chennai2
2677shijokjMIT, Chennai2
27105karthikeyanMIT, Chennai1
28106sathyanMIT, Chennai1

Year III ranklist

RankOverall RankNameCollegeProblems Solved
13varun appaswamiMIT, Chennai6
25R.Sundara RamanCEG, Chennai6
38D Kamal kumarMIT, Chennai5
49P.MohanakumarCEG, Chennai4
510Venkatesh Babu ARMIT, Chennai4
611Chandrasekarendran GMIT, Chennai4
712Vinoth Kumar.SMIT, Chennai4
813V.M.RaghavanCEG, Chennai4
915Lakshmi Narayanan N VCEG, Chennai4
1016Navaneetha Krishnan K RMIT, Chennai4
1117Aravindan.CCEG, Chennai4
1218muthukkaruppanMIT, Chennai4
1319Vincent AMIT, Chennai4
1421Sankar VCEG, Chennai3
1529Sangeetha KPCEG, Chennai3
1633Nandu VCEG, Chennai3
1740g.m.aravinthganeshMIT, Chennai3
1845Sai Prasanna SCEG, Chennai3
1947Gowtham VNCEG, Chennai3
2048Baratheraja R NCEG, Chennai3
2153NithyaMIT, Chennai2
2256Pradeep TCEG, Chennai2
2359Lily Pushpam Shiny DMIT, Chennai2
2461lokesh kCEG, Chennai2
2563C.R.SiddarthMIT, Chennai2
2664APARNA SMIT, Chennai2
2773Mohamed SaleemCEG, Chennai2
2878S.SuprajaMIT, Chennai2
2988R SooryaCEG, Chennai1
3097R S AbilashCEG, Chennai1
31102BharathiMIT, Chennai1
32103Rahul MallikMIT, Chennai1
33104Krishna NakkeeranCEG, Chennai1
34115pranab batsaMIT, Chennai0

Year IV ranklist

RankOverall RankNameCollegeProblems Solved
11SurendharCEG, Chennai6
24Rajagopal SrinivasanCEG, Chennai6
314SathyanarayananCEG, Chennai4
455Ramakrishnan.KMIT, Chennai2
565Gowtham AshokMIT, Chennai2
668H.ShriramCEG, Chennai2
784Harikrishnan VCEG, Chennai1
885K Sashi KumarCEG, Chennai1
986Nivetha Singara VadiveluCEG, Chennai1

Friday, January 23, 2015


The top 5 first years, top 15 second years, top 10 third years and top 5 final years at the end of AU Local Contest will directly qualify to the CEG coding camp.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

CEG Coding Camp 2015

Camp Location & dates : The camp will be held at College of Engineering Guindy, Chennai on weekends of February and March. You can attend the camp sessions for free! Access to internet and desktop computers will be provided. You can also bring your own laptop.

Eligibility : As this is the 1st version of coding camp at CEG, the camp is restricted to students of CEG and MIT.  The camp is open to all year students. If you love solving problems, we definitely want you here. Unfortunately, we can only handle a limited number of students.

Registration link : (Fill this form on or before 25nd January)

If we run short of laboratory space, we'll be shortlisting students based on the number of problems solved in Topcoder and Spoj.

Topics :

Day 1 : Sieve, BFS, DFS, Binary Search, Introduction to graphs

Day 2: Trees, Trie, Bitmask

Day 3: Dynamic Programming

Day 4: Graphs

Day 5: MaxFlow, Segment trees

Day 6: Strongly Connected Components, HLD

Day 7: BIT, Game Theory

There might be slight variations in topics. Every day there will be discussions and contests on these topics. The camp also includes lectures by programmers of IIT and CMI.