Saturday, March 21, 2015

CEG Coding Camp Contest #5

Contest ends at 11:40 AM. The problems are in sorted order of difficulty.


1. Princess Farida- Spoj - Princess Farida
2. Philosophers Stone- Spoj - Philosophers Stone
3. Edit distance- Spoj - Edit distance
4. Tiling a grid with dominos- Spoj - Tiling a grid with dominos
5. The knapsack problem- Spoj - The knapsack problem

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Leaderboard (Last updated at 11:43 IST)

RankNamePrincess FaridaPhilosophers StoneEdit distanceTiling a grid with dominosThe knapsack problemPoints
1D kamal ku..9
2Gowtham VN..9
5Lakshmi Na..6
7Vinoth Kum..3
8Prashant M..3

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